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Our product portfolio

Deversify is a multi-product firm. We work with hardware, software and provide education services to increase consumers’ insights about their own metabolic health and wellbeing.

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Our business model

Deversify’s product portfolio enables for a flexible business model and the possibility to address B2C, B2B and B2G.

Today, we foremost sell our products to consumer markets (B2C). We do this directly through our own websites and (for more information about Acetrack and Elitista, see below).

We reach multiple geographical consumer markets through collaboration agreements with resellers and distributors (B2B2C). We cherish our partners and are proud to work with Upgrit, Svenskt Kosttillskott, Amazon, Biohackers Market, KetoFitShop, Wellness EQ and Biohacking Center. We ship to all EU countries, Norway, UK, US, Canada, Australia, and New Zeeland.

We also sell education services to consumers (B2C), and to progressive businesses (B2B) who aims at increasing their work force’s knowledge regarding metabolic health. Through Elitista’s education packages we offer education and monitoring to increase employees’ health and wellbeing.

We believe that empowered consumers/patients, in the future, will demand monitoring and increased services from both public health care providers (B2G) and from private health care providers (B2B). As a response to this pull effect from the consumer health market, we see an increased demand for Deversify’s products and services in coming years.


Hardware and app

The ketone breathalyzer Acetrack® measures if your body is burning fat. By measuring the concentration of acetone, a by-product from fat burning, in exhaled breath it is possible to determine whether a person is found to be in ketosis or not. The metabolic state where fat, instead of glucose, is decomposed in the liver. Simply put, you get a momentary receipt that your body has shifted to fat-based energy consumption.

The device is used by individuals struggling with weight management, health optimisers and by individuals who need to be in a fat burning state for medical reasons. Users prefer breath tests over blood or urine tests because they are less intrusive and more discrete and hygienic.

Acetrack has two clear advantages compared with other ketone breath meters. One is that Acetrack uses a unit of measure based on first principles physics: partial pressure of acetone gas in parts per million. Another is that Acetrack has a high quality differential pressure sensor built in, to ensure sampling of breath from the deepest part of the lungs while maintaining highest possible repeatability over time.

Acetrack is currently being sold globally via resellers and from our own e-commerce platform.

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Education services

Elitista is our Masterclass for Health Programme. It is a health education platform that provides customers with knowledge and tools to learn more about their own metabolic health. With Ewa Meurk – also known as The Health Engineer – at its helm, the Elitista team coaches, educates, and guides customers towards a healthy metabolism and weight management.

The courses, provided through our online learning platform, cover various topics depending on the customer need, e.g. the benefits of ´simulated fasting’, and ‘blood sugar management’. Courses are also provided to businesses who want to educate their staff regarding benefits of metabolic health. All educations can be provided onsite or online.

Elitista’s courses give each member the knowledge and tools to improve her or his health beyond diets, weight fixation and health angst. Metabolic syndromes such as obesity is a hormonal imbalance where blood sugar, insulin and liver function play a crucial role. If you suffer from hormonal imbalance, unfortunately, the risk for lifestyle diseases such as diabetes 2, dementia, cancer and cardiovascular disease will increase. Through Elitista, you receive the tools to change your life from the very ground up, without pointers and fad diets but through understanding, measuring, and analysing various biomarkers.

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Deversify's smart m-health solutions enter the German market

News 2022.04.14

We are delighted to feature on the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce's website this morning. Thank you for thinking of us, German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce – it has been a joy working with your excellent team.

The Best Ketone Meter 2022

News 2022.01.13

Our breathalyser Acetrack has been ranked as the best ketone meter by FitnessFrank and received this beautiful feedback: “Acetrack Ketone Meter - a fantastic, affordable ketone meter of high quality! The ketone meter from Acetrack was an evident product to put in the winning category for us because it, in a seamless and hygienic way, measures ketone values [...] at the same time as you can put diary notes directly into the app. In addition to this, the product is made in Sweden and of a high technical standard“ Johan Karlsson, FitnessFrank

Successful share issue

News 2022.02.09

We are pleased to announce that Deversify has successfully completed a share issue of SEK 12 million (USD 1.3 million). Powered by the vision that 'Everyone should understand their own health', Deversify offer consumers technical solutions centred around precision health and wellbeing.

Deversify acquires Elitista

News 2021.11.18

We are delighted to share the news that Deversify has acquired Elitista, one of Sweden's leading education companies in the field of personalised nutrition. Ewa Meurk, Founder of Elitista — we are excited and honoured to count you to the Deversify team.